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Trusted Events GmbH

Max-Planck-Str. 1
85716 Unterschleissheim

T     089 / 54 80 16 3 - 400
F     089 / 54 80 16 3 - 444
M    info@trusted-events.de

Mission Statement

Respect and appreciation

Respect and appreciation of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners is the foundation of our corporate culture. We respect that everyone’s contribution is important and our attitude in dealing with each other is one of good will.


We commit to acknowledging the responsibility that we carry. Responsibility for our services, for the services we commission and for meeting the goals and deadlines we commit to. That is why we pledge to be absolutely reliable.


We are quick and easy in how we react to new situations, but we always deliver familiar high quality services and fast decision-making and coordination processes.


We keep ourselves up-to-date concerning the latest products, developments and technology and regularly liaise with technology providers to stay informed.

Economic viability

We only offer services, solutions and products which match our customers’ specific situations and needs and which lead to meeting predefined goals.


We build trust through transparency. By guaranteeing the transparency of our services, processes and partners we guarantee that we ourselves are a valuable and trustworthy partner.


Due to our specialization on sophisticated multimedia systems and state-of-the art trade stands and events we have acquired second to none expertise in this domain.