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Trusted Events GmbH

Max-Planck-Str. 1
85716 Unterschleissheim

T     089 / 54 80 16 3 - 400
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Equipment Rental

Our high-quality technical equipment may also be leased as a standalone solution. All of our equipment are in a technically flawless condition, safely packed for transport and include any required supplementary equipment.


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  • Big Screen Presentations
    Screen projections, LED-Walls, Steglos walls
  • Displays
    TV sets, monitors, Interactive touch screens
  • Signal management and control
    Switches / Extenders, Seamless Switches / Scalers, Media players

Audio / PA Systems

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  • Audio systems
    Active / Passive speakers, Line arrays, Wireless microphones, Amplifiers
  • Signal management and control
    Digital and analog mixing consoles, Compressors

Sonos Systems

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We sell and lease the whole range of Sonos speaker systems.


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  • Lighting
    Illumination, Spotlights, Battery-powered spotlights, LED bars
  • Staging
    Moving heads, Effect lights, Fog machines, Laser
  • Light control
    DMX consoles, Dimmers

Network / Communication Technology

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  • Cable networks
    Cabling, Active hardware components, Server and storage systems
  • Wireless networks
  • Telephone systems
  • Video conference systems
  • Temporary internet access connections
    Cable connections, Wireless connections (UMTS, LTE, radio relay), Satellite connections

High-End WLAN Connections

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  • Accesspoints
  • Hotspot solutions
  • Voucher systems
  • Point-to-point connections
  • WLAN access solutions for hotels and convention centers
  • High-performance WLAN networks for up to 1,500 users